Insura v2.0.5 Release

We have just released a minor update for Insura. Customers may obtain the update from CodeCanyon.

New functionality includes:

1. Fixed issue with password changes

From the Settings > Security page, if you attempted to change your password the changes were not retained. The password retained its current value. This issue was corrected.

2. Fixed issue custom short text fields

From the Settings > Company page, if you added a new “Short Text” field the Default Value field has telephone number formatting applied instead of just being a text field. Despite this, the field displayed correctly on the policy screen.

3. Fixed issue with ob_flush error appearing in error logs

In some cases the following error would appear in the log file:

production.ERROR: ErrorException: ob_flush(): failed to flush buffer. No buffer to flush in /path/to/site/Files/app/Http/Controllers/ChatController.php:107

Code changes were made to prevent this error from occurring.

4. Implemented client search/filter functionality

On the Clients screen, added a “Filter & Search” button to allow the client list to be limited to only show Clients meeting certain criteria. Currently you can filter by Name and/or Status (i.e. Active or Inactive).

Upgrade Instructions

For existing customers running v2.0.4, to apply this new version please complete for the following steps:

  1. Backup your existing system and database – see Backing up & restoring for instructions
  2. Download new version from CodeCanyon and upload to your hosting account
  3. Extract new version to a new location – do not overwrite your existing installation
  4. Copy the updated files (listed below) from the new version to your existing installation

If you have any questions or issues with Insura v2.0.5, please submit a support request.

Files updated (since v2.0.4)


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