Installing Simcify Web Apps Inside a folder.

We have built our latest applications on a simple PHP framework we created that makes it easy to deploy our applications.

By default the scripts assume you are installing in a new domain or a sub-domain. If you intend installing the script within a sub-folder you will need to make a simple tweak to the script.

We do NOT recommend installing in a sub-folder. We recommend always using a sub-domain (or a domain) for the application. This ensures that there are no configuration inheritance issues from other scripts in other folders.

By a sub-folder, we mean within the URL, not within the file system of your hosting account.

An example of a sub-folder is:

An example of a sub-domain is:

If you are unable to use a sub-domain, watch the video below or follow the instructions below the video on how to alter the script.

Step 1:

Open routes.php files located inside the src folder and you will see a commented out line of code that looks like the one below

// Router::group(['prefix' => '/foldername'], function() {

and the line below at the end of the file

// });

Step 2:

Uncomment the two lines above by removing the two forward slash before them. //

Step 3:

Rename the foldername to the name of your folder for example myapp, and you will have something like.

Router::group(['prefix' => '/myapp'], function() {

That’s all!

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