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This video shows how to install Hellaplus from step 1-4, for step 5 onwards continue reading the documentation and more videos included.

Note: The following process is for performing a new installation of Hellaplus. If you are wanting to upgrade an existing installation, please see our Upgrading Hellaplus article.

If you are installing Hellaplus inside a folder for example https://example.com/hellaplus or localhost/hellaplus you will need to make a tweak as explained on the Installing Hellaplus in a folder article or checkout the second video below.

Installation is easy and will take less than 3 minutes. lets roll.

1) Copy Files

Unzip the file you downloaded from CodeCanyon, copy the contents in the folder called Hellaplus and paste them in your desired directory where you want to install the system.

If you are installing Hellaplus inside a folder for i.e https://example.com/hellaplus or localhost/hellaplus . Open the routes files in /src/routes.php and check the procedure on the video below or check out this one step then come back.

2) Import Database

When you unzipped the file in step 1, there is a folder called database you will find. In there you will find an SQL file, that is the system database. Import it to your PhPMyAdmin or whatever system you use. Watch this video if you are new to importing SQL databases.

3) .htaccess file

This is a very important file that you will find in the Hellaplus main folder, this file creates the SEO friendly URLs. if you can see it, change your directory setting to show (. files) and if you still can see it you can copy again from your unzipped downloads folder.

4) Create & Edit .env file

In the folder you pasted on your installation folder you will find a file called .env.

If one is not found, rename the .env_example file to .env.

The .env file is a very important file that stores system variables. Open the file in a text editor and edit the following lines. The other lines can be edited via the system settings page so don’t worry about them.


5) Email SMTP settings

SMTP settings on the settings page are your email settings, this system depends on them to send important system emails, without them your emails wont work. So please don’t forget to update them. Now you are all set! Have fun 🙂

Need Support?

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