Hellaplus v1.4 Release

We have just released Hellaplus v1.4. Customers may obtain the update from CodeCanyon.

New functionality includes:

  1. You can now add a image or PDF attachment when adding income and expense records. This can be enabled/disabled from the System > Settings page.
  2. You can now add a short note when adding income and expense records.
  3. Added support for Bulgarian Lev (BGN) currency
  4. Fixed issue that could prevent users and categories from getting created successfully

Please refer to the Upgrading Hellaplus article for instructions on how to upgrade from an earlier release.

If you have any questions or issues with Hellaplus v1.4, please submit a support request.

Files updated (since v1.3)

/uploads/updates/1.4.json (new)

New language strings (since v1.3)

If you have created your own language translation files for Hellaplus, please note that you need to add the following strings.

expenses -> expense-form -> label -> note
expenses -> expense-form -> label -> attachment
expenses -> expense-form -> label -> pdf
expenses -> expense-form -> label -> clear
expenses -> expense-form -> placeholder -> note
expenses -> messages -> delete-attachment
income -> income-form -> label -> note
income -> income-form -> label -> attachment
income -> income-form -> label -> pdf
income -> income-form -> label -> clear
income -> income-form -> placeholder -> note
income -> messages -> delete-attachment
settings -> system-form -> label -> allow-attachments

There is no action required you are using the supplied en_US language. The update will overwrite the translation files with new versions that contain these values.

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