Hellaplus v1.2 Release

We have just released Hellaplus v1.2. Customers may obtain the update from CodeCanyon.

New functionality includes:

  1. Translation support. You can now translate the script to a new language without altering the source code. For instructions on this process please refer to our Translating Hellaplus article.
  2. Overview graph fix. Corrected issue with the graph on the overview page not updating when selecting a new date range.
  3. Added SMTP MAIL_USER setting. Added separate MAIL_USER setting to allow your SMTP username and SMTP sender address to be different, something often required with 3rd party SMTP services such as SendGrid.
  4. Fixed .env file path issue on Windows.
  5. CSRF token implementation. Added Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) token validation to requests to improve security.
  6. Database update functionality added. When upgrading you will not need to manually run a database script to update your database. You can simply visit the update page and the script will automatically apply any required database changes to your system. Please refer to our Upgrading Hellaplus article for details.
  7. Implemented Column Sorting. You can now sort the income & expenses tables by simply clicking on the column headings. Tables are sorted descending date order by default.
  8. International Character Support. You can now use international characters in account names, translation titles, etc.
  9. Other minor fixes/changes including:
    • removed a “]” character appended to the logo URL within emails.
    • unable to create an account with a negative balance, only allowed a positive value.
    • validation error on the account balance when editing an account.
    • renamed the .env file in the distribution ZIP to .env_example. This was done to avoid users overwriting their .env when upgrading.

Please refer to the Upgrading Hellaplus article for instructions on how to upgrade from an earlier release.

If you have any questions or issues with Hellaplus v1.2, please submit a support request.

Files updated (since v1.1)

Note: A large number of files were modified in this release as all files that contained text displayed on the screen were updated to allow translation support.

/lang/en_US/auth.php (new)
/lang/en_US/budget.php (new)
/lang/en_US/expenses.php (new)
/lang/en_US/income.php (new)
/lang/en_US/lang.js (new)
/lang/en_US/lang.php (deleted)
/lang/en_US/overview.php (new)
/lang/en_US/pages.php (new)
/lang/en_US/settings.php (new)
/lang/en_US/simcify-lang.js (new)
/lang/en_US/table-lang.json (new)
/src/Controllers/Update.php (new)
/uploads/updates/1.1.json (new)
/uploads/updates/1.2.json (new)
/views/update.html (new)

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