Features of Praisely Customer Rating & Review collection system

Praisely is a customer review and rating collection system. Praisely gives businesses the opportunity to invite customers to write a review for their businesses. It comes with easy website integration and can be integrated with any website type. Praisely allows embedding on review collection form as well as embedding reviews collected on your website.

Customer can be invited via email or link sharing.

Praisely has an intuitive interface with great visualisation that is simple to use and appealing to the eye. Below are the features in detail:-

Review Collection: Praisely has a simple form where customers can leave reviews and ratings for your products and services. The reviews can be grouped categories.

Review Replies: When customers have already submitted a review, you or your team can reply to the review. The reply feature allows interaction with customers and getting feedback incase of a bad customer reviews.

Invites: Praisely allows you to invite customers to leave a review. You can invite users by typing in their emails or importing multiple emails. The invites are tracked when they are opened and accepted.

Integrations: Praisely gives you the ability to collect customer rating and reviews from your website by embedding a code provided to your website. You can embed reviews collected in your website as well.

Team Collaboration: If you have a team you can create accounts for them as well and they can help out with managing reviews.

Contacts: Customers enter their Names and emails when submitting a review. This information is saved on your contacts and can be exported.

Sharing: Each review can be shared to social media or email

Overview: This is a summary of all your rating, review and invite data at a glance. 

Settings: This module allows you to manage your profile and system settings easily with no coding skills needed.

Multi user – You can build a saas software with Praisely since it supports multiple school accounts. 

Beautiful and responsive UI – Praisely was made with love and passion that’s why it looks stunning.

Fast processing speed – Praisely is faster with clean code written on PHP with MVC model.

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